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Benefits of IFFPSS Membership


International Leadership
As an IFFPSS Member, your Society is represented by one (if an Associate Member Society) or two (if a Full Member Society) delegate seat(s) to the IFFPSS Board of Directors (BOD).  Delegates typically consist of the Society’s current president and, if applicable, one other delegate.  The BOD meets annually (and additionally as needed, or via the Board Executive Committee) to promote and support the growth of Facial Plastic Surgery throughout the world.

Educational Activities
The educational activities of the Federation include: an International Symposium (held in the USA) every four years and an International Scientific Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery (held in other countries) every four years—with these two educational meetings held two years apart; speaker exchange programs; observational fellowships; videotapes; newsletters; web site informational exchanges; and access to member subscription rates to JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, an American Medical Association (AMA) journal—the official journal of the IFFPSS. Member Society’s also have access to the IFFPSS Fellowship Guidelines and can distribute the guidelines to their individual society members.

Global Networking
The professional connections and sharing of knowledge from across all the IFFPSS Society Members can be utilized to advance the services your Society provides to its own individual members.


Members of your Society are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Discounted member rates for attendance to all IFFPSS and AAFPRS (American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) sponsored meetings and courses.
  • Member subscription rates for the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal.
  • Professional networking and knowledge sharing with leading Facial Plastic Surgeons from around the world.
  • A leadership and educational pathway for opportunities to apply as faculty in various international educational meetings.
  • Member prices for AAFPRS products, including: surgical videos, patient information brochures and practice enhancement products.
  • Overall benefit from IFFPSS/AAFPRS public relations activities to advance the Specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery.
  • Possibility of participating in IFFPSS sponsored observational fellowships.
  • Access to the IFFPSS Fellowship Guidelines, passed in October 2016—including the opportunity to apply to offer a Fellowship Director Program under the new guidelines:
    • Guidelines developed to meet the standards of the IFFPSS and the International Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (IBCFPRS)
    • The goal of this endeavor is to train, maintain and uphold the highest quality in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery through its recognized fellowships and certification process. 
    • The aim of these Fellowship Guidelines is to standardize the education and training of facial plastic surgeons throughout the world.
    • We have endeavored to make these Guidelines as inclusive as possible so that a variety of programs from around the world can qualify—if you/your members are interested in leveraging this new and exceptionally valuable IFFPSS member benefit, please contact us at iffpssinfo@aafprs.org.

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