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Benefits of IFFPSS Membership
To the individual facial plastic surgeon, IFFPSS membership means having the following:

  • Discounted member rates for attendance to all IFFPSS and AAFPRS sponsored meetings and courses
  • Facial Plastic Times and all other AAFPRS mailings
  • IFFPSS page in Facial Plastic Times
  • Member subscription rates for the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Access to the "members only" section of the AAFPRS web site: www.aafprs.org
  • Member prices for AAFPRS products:
    • All videotapes
    • Patient information brochures
    • Practice enhancement products
  • Possibility of participating IFFPSS sponsored observational fellowships
  • Access to AAFPRS/IFFPSS administrative support
    • Socioeconomic matters
    • Legal consultations
  • Overall benefit from IFFPSS/AAFPRS public relations activities
Individual surgeons cannot be members of the IFFPSS since the IFFPSS is a federation of national facial plastic surgery societies. But through membership in their own national societies individual surgeons become members of, pay dues to, and receive the benefits of IFFPSS. Facial plastic surgeons should encourage their own national societies to seek membership in the IFFPSS. Such societies may contact the IFFPSS administrative office for more information on membership in IFFPSS.

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