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Goals and Activities
The goals of the IFFPSS are to promote and support the growth of Facial Plastic Surgery throughout the world. Education, in every form, is the primary focus of this support.

The educational activities of the Federation include courses, congresses, speaker exchange programs, observational fellowship, videotapes, newsletters, web site informational exchanges, and the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, an American Medical Association (AMA) journal, is the official journal of the IFFPSS. The Archives, with Dr. Wayne F. Larrabee as the Editor, allows for the immediate publication of advances in facial plastic surgery from individual surgeons from all countries. The IFFPSS conducts an International Scientific Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery every two years, and every other two years, the congresses are held in the USA as part of the AAFPRS International Symposium.

The IFFPSS encourages the growth of facial plastic surgery in multiple ways within its member societies and in parts of the world where member societies do not yet exist. It is anticipated that as facial plastic surgery grows within a country, new societies will be formed, and that these new societies will eventually become members of the IFFPSS.

The other activities of the IFFPSS include central maintenance and distribution of individual member data, practice socioeconomic advice, and legal consultation. Broad-based programs for public education and education throughout medicine are carried out to foster over-all awareness of facial plastic surgery. All of these activities and the educational programs of the Federation are coordinated by the Administrative Offices of the IFFPSS in Alexandria, Virginia.

Advice for, and support of, the examination and certification activities of member societies is provided by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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