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7th Milano Masterclass - The Preliminary Programme is ready to view!

Dear Colleague, dear Friend,

We are delighted to announce that the Preliminary Programme of the 7th International Biennale Milano Masterclass is now ready to view.

The 7th edition will encourage discussion, interaction, and will provide exceptional value for its participants. The Surgeon’s Dilemmas sessions will feature a new, problem-solving format. In contrast to the usual formula of didactic lectures featuring “great results” the teaching sessions will concentrate on pitfalls in practice, shed light onto current safe techniques, and provide examples of managing complications with the aid of high resolution videos demonstrating key technical steps.

The New Ideas Sessions will demonstrate the most intriguing innovations in thought and practice presented by our multinational attendance. The call for abstracts is now open for this purpose (abstracts are to be mailed to by January 18, 2013).

Taking time off work may involve a substantial investment for the trip to Milan. In recognition of your effort, we have done our utmost to assemble a world-class Faculty and a program brimming with concise, practical, and cutting edge education. Milano Masterclass promises to be the must-attend conference of 2013.

Online registration is now open and will provide you with the fastest and easiest way to register.

Milan offers a world-class setting for this Conference, with a comfortable marriage of traditional Italian art, and modern technological achievement to suit all tastes.

Get ready to think differently!
Looking forward to seeing you again in Milan in March 2013!

Paolo Castelnuovo & Pietro Palma
Co-Directors, International Biennale Milano Masterclass

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