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Sructure of IFFPSS

The member societies of the IFFPSS are:

The activities of the IFFPSS are governed by the Board of Directors, which meets on a semi-annual basis. Each member society is represented by two delegates to the Board of Directors, usually its current president and one other delegate, the exception being that newly approved members to the Federation are represented for their first 5 years of membership in the Federation by one delegate to the board of directors. The ongoing efforts are coordinated by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

The present members of the Executive Committee are:

President Tuan Pham, MD
Past President Pietro Palma, MD
Vice President Keith LaFerriere, MD
Secretary Jose Patrocinio, MD
Treasurer Chih-Wen Twu, MD

The Executive Vice President of the IFFPSS is Steven J. Jurich and the Staff Liaison is Karen L. Sloat. The Executive offices are in Virginia:

310 South Henry Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
(703) 299-9291, ext. 229

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